• Capacity checks and health messaging at premise entrances
  • Queue management and temperature checks at premise entrances
  • Access control and HR record integration
  • Digital automated hand sanitization kiosks
  • Safe space management inside business premises
  • Tailored analytics and alerting
  • Business process re-engineering support

Keep your remote and mobile employees productive, your data and IP secure with our

Customer Success

We underpin your business success by uniting your IT strategy, data, operations, and technology into a single package price per month

Business Intelligence

We help you understand the key trends in your data and drive informed decisions about your business IT and its evolution. We build the right OPTICS for you to allow you to have the visibility and control you need.

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​​​WE help guide  your IT transformation and prioritize your it investments to:

increase revenues


​Do you have the right people, processes and governance to manage your IT and the journey ahead?

Security and Compliance

We have best in class security consulting and management. We can prepare you for your audits and allow you to be compliant against standards such as HIPPA, CMMC/NST, PCI, and ISO270001.

Have you rationalized, consolidated your application portfolio?

Does your vision and strategy address the new ways of working?

The Need Pipe Group, together with Handy AV, a retail and hospitality specialist, have developed frameworks to support schools and businesses as they think about the impact of Covid-19 and the safety measures they need to have in place as they re-open.

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Protect your employees with our range of temperature checking and access control systems

Thinking about moving your business? We provide a comprehensive planning and move service including sourcing premises and procurement.

Do you have a regular cost and capacity optimization cycle?

Our world class consulting staff includes over a dozen experienced IT Professionals. We have deep expertise in IT and Business Service Management, including security and compliance, cloud planning, migrations and optimization, project management, training, and staffing. We use an outcome based approach to help you understand your current state and where you need to go. We get you started with an initial assessment which creates an actionable and realistic IT roadmap - OPTICS - covering all of the key domains which will be impacted and subject to change as you evolve towards your desired target state:

DO YOU HAVE THE right optics AND INSIGHTS into your it estate? 

Security is critical. Are you compliant? How do you intend to plug the gaps and pass the audits?

They're also creating new issues: data security and privacy concerns, performance and reliability across the multiple networks, application and service availability...........


We'll give you the insights you need to update, mature and manage your IT

Do you have a tailored training plan for all your staff? 


Our Intelligent Transformation Solutions will optimize the IT eco-systems and processes that support your business. We assess where you are, where you want to go and set you up for the journey.

can you answer "yes" to all of these questions?

Outcome Based Enterprise Solutions at an SMB Price


Working from anywhere,

Connected and engaged, 

Optimizing their productivity,

Positively impacting revenue and costs

NeedPipe, in partnership with Handy AV, provide integrated technology solutions coupled with consulting to help you comply with any new guidelines, and keep your staff and visitors safe​​:

  • Realtime temperature checking
  • Facial recognition with Time and Attendance integration
  • Door Access control integration
  • Digital Hand Sanitizers
  • Boundary security and Space Management
  • ​Realtime Analytics and Dashboards
  • Total after sales Managed Service

Temperature checking

Hand Sanitization

People Counting

Thermal Imaging for safe distancing

Audience Management

Stand Alone or Networked

A Full Managed Service

  • Temperature checks when students get onto the School bus
  • Alerting for exceptions
  • ​Facial recognition and attendance recording
  • Temperature checking and hand sanitization at School entrances
  • Safe space management as students and staff move through the premises
  • Real-time alerting and analytics to support informed decisions

Let us help you re-open your business and let your staff, visitors and the public back?


OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE experience across the board from RETAIL TO WALL STREET​