Automating all that is possible, processes, workflows, integrations

Building the right foundation

To create a client's tailored transformation journey we gauge their current state by looking across the "OPTICS" business domains - Organization, Process, Technology, Information (BI), Content (IP) and Security. We guide clients along this path to success using a combination of quarterly strategy and planning sessions, creating change projects while introducing them to the "right" technologies available on the market today together with a glimpse of the future. It's building pragmatic, programmatic and achievable steps to the summit. Small businesses need to take the first small steps and keep walking. This is the core of what we are and how we help small businesses succeed. We know from experience that our clients get a 4X return on investment if they adopt this path of transformation.

In most cases we take on the responsibilities of, and, are our clients complete IT organization.

Solutions to support every step of your IT journey

The right training for the right people for the right job

Setting the right path

Aligning your people, processes and technologies.

Total management and transparency for everything IT in your business

Making the smart move into Cloud

Aligning technology with business objectives to deliver world-class solutions

Companies today are constantly challenged with having to do more with less. Strategy and Planning Consulting solutions from NeedPipe get right to the heart of the matter, implementing business imperatives while optimizing investment dollars and delivering long-term, measurable cost savings. We can identify what needs to be done to align your IT initiatives with your business goals, helping you eliminate unnecessary activities and maximize your returns. Whether you need to define new services, justify expenditures on a specific project or refine your existing business model, our Strategy and Planning solutions provide the insight you need to optimize your investments.

Unsurpassed Business and Technical Capabilities

NeedPipe employs Strategy and Planning consultants worldwide who have worked across many industry verticals and have assisted customers in identifying solutions that support business objectives. Our consultants, supported by our methodologies, a decade-plus of experience, best practices, and industry standards, have enabled customers to achieve dramatic, quantifiable results. With a proven record of success, NeedPipe consultants are uniquely qualified to deliver essential analysis and planning services that align and integrate business goals with technical realities. However, planning and analysis alone do not achieve results. It is the effective execution of the strategy and planning that generates results. NeedPipe has the expertise to execute the activities that result from our analysis. This provides our clients with the option to engage NeedPipe to provide seamless delivery from the strategy and planning stages through implementation. It also ensures that our Strategy and Planning consultants remain up to date on the challenges and costs of implementation

Best Practices and Proven Processes

Our consultants have developed the most comprehensive set of proven methodologies and intellectual capital used in the industry today.

  • Our highly structured Engagement Methodology guides each phase of an engagement to help ensure optimal results with minimal business disruption.
  • Our Business Value Justification methodology helps effectively measure business value in terms of cost savings, revenue generation and/or efficiency gains through process automation.
  • We provide a single project management point-of-contact for all project design and implementation activities, as well as a closed-loop quality assurance program, to help ensure we deliver on our promise of service excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • We provide complete documentation and knowledge transfer
  • Create training which is tracked based on our learning management system

Our Strategy and Planning Consulting solutions help you define your key business objectives and develop a strategy and roadmap that align with and support those business objectives. Whether you need to define new services, determine the feasibility of an investment in a project or refine your existing business model, our Strategy and Planning services provide the necessary insight to ensure you make the right decisions for your business. With an emphasis on business value, all our engagements focus on maximizing the value of any decision or investment in terms of time, cost, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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